Pos Malaysia Bhd. We can't be trusted!

An advisory for ANYBODY sending postal items to Malaysia

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If you have plan to send any postal item to Malaysia PLEASE THINK AGAIN. Chances are your mail would be intercepted at POS MALAYSIA BHD mails depot in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Yes, valuable items send to somebody (other than ordinary letters) MOST LIKELY be stolen including cash currency, money order, postal order, bank draft, check, personal items and gifts. In fact, EVERYTHING not safe!

The long tradition of thievery has been ongoing ever since it was a Government department. So shameful, indeed, because POS MALAYSIA BHD staff who are mostly indigenous Malays committed this perpetual crime. They have no sense of guilt even though stealing is prohibited in Islam and the ill-gotten gain is haram.

Nothing ever change after it was privatised as POS MALAYSIA BHD except for price hike of postage stamps and continued poor services. This cash rich company that enjoys a MONOPOLY further cut down the number of postmen to improve operating profits despite declining delivery quality. There is more than one reported cases of postmen hiding away sacks of undelivered mails. All complaints of missing or stolen items would be treated as "an unfortunate case". Don't expect any compensation for your lost items from the incompetent management.

We advice that you use alternative method such as international courier services if you must send any valuable item to someone in Malaysia. It will cost a bit more but definitely save you a big headache and long heartache from losing valuables meant for someone you love.

In recent few years we have incurred losses due to MANY unfortunate experiences with POS MALAYSIA BHD:

  • Case 1
    In August 2004, Heinemann Library of Australia sent letter enclosing bank draft of USD 100.00. Both letter and bank draft STOLEN.
  • Case 2
    On 11 April 2005, a client from France sent registered letter enclosing USD 20.00. Registered letter was tampered with and delivered but cash STOLEN.
  • Case 3
    On 20 February 2006, a client from United Kingdom sent letter enclosing postal order of British 12.30. Both letter and postal order STOLEN.
  • Case 4
    On 8 January 2007, a client from USA sent letter enclosing USD 17.00 concealed inside foil. Both letter and cash STOLEN.
  • Case 5
    On 22 June 2007, a client from Switzerland sent a greeting card enclosing USD 16.00. Both greeting card and cash STOLEN.

    Our story is not an exception. We also heard similar stolen cases from other potential customers who learned bitter lessons about POS MALAYSIA BHD. The following letters to a local newspaper are additional proof of the way POS MALAYSIA BHD conduct its business.

    The Sun 19 February 2008

    Registered mail not safe either
    The Sun
    19 February 2008

    I refer to the comments by Datin Rohaiza Hashim, Head of Corporate Communications, Pos Malaysia Bhd, "Use secure services when posting valuable items" (theSun, 12 Jan 2008).

    I felt sorry for the complainant, Marina Lynn Martin (letters, 7 Jan 2008), who like me has had unpleasant experiences with Pos Malaysia. I would like to counter Rohaiza's opinion that when sending valuable items, one should consider more secure options i.e. registered mail, etc.

    Yes, having a registered tag on a parcel does give you some form of extra security as the recipient has to accept the item personally. But does it really result in safer delivery?

    My personal experience with Pos Malaysia is that the secure services are not always reliable. My first experience was 10 years ago when I sent a registered parcel from the UK to Malaysia. The items in it were t-shirts and souvenirs. The parcel did reach the recipient but to my horror, the items were nowhere to be seen. Who could be the culprit - the postal service in the UK or Pos Malaysia?

    After spending almost a year studying in the UK and getting to know the culture and ethics of the people, I would never have any doubt that the problem lies with Pos Malaysia. My friends reaffirm this as they have similar experiences. However, I didn't pursue the matter as I was busy preparing for my exams. I was deeply disappointed but I had to let it go.

    After my studies, I came back and started working. On one occasion I needed to send a small gift to a close friend in the UK.

    I couldn't afford courier services and that left me with only one option - Pos Malaysia. I sent it with a registered tag with the high hope that it will be delivered. I was determined to send the item and so I went ahead and posted it. And the unthinkable happened.

    The small parcel arrived but the necklace inside was gone. Was I mad at myself! What was I thinking? Approximately two months after my complaint, I was given the answer that the parcel was delivered. Yes, it was delivered but without the content!

    However, it will be impossible to find out whether it was stolen during transit from Malaysia or while under the care the UK postal service. I decided to let it go because I knew I will never be compensated and vowed never to use the service again.

    Having said all that, my message to Martin is that I hope you have learned your lesson and to Pos Malaysia, that you would have to work harder to regain consumers' trust!

    Lost in trust
    via e-mail


    The Sun 30 June 2008

    Pos Malaysia delivers empty box
    The Sun
    3 June 2008

    I had heard stories of how mail was lost and how items in a package sent through Pos Malaysia went missing, but it had never happened to me, until now.

    I bought a video game remote from a well-known online store and had the item shipped to me. After a few weeks, I received the package. Imagine my shock when I realised that the box was empty. Yes, I received an opened box with nothing but packing peanuts in it.

    I called Pos Malaysia customer service but was told to go to the nearest post office. I went there and was given a form to fill to lodge a complaint. But, after filling in the form, I was told that they could not accept my form. Instead, I should go to handling office to lodge my report. In the end, I spent an hour at the post office with no satisfactory answer.

    I know my package was shipped via air mail and was not registered. But Pos Malaysia should not simply push the matter aside because doing so is tantamount to saying it's all right to steal because nothing can be done and no action will be taken because the mail is not registered.

    This is precisely why whoever opened my package and took the item had the temerity to send an empty box to me.

    I am furious not only because I received an empty box, but because Pos Malaysia made it so difficult for me to lodge a complaint. As a service provider, Pos Malaysia has lost its credibility with me.



    The Sun 30 June 2008

    Undelivered postal order, missing stamps
    The Sun
    30 June 2008

    I am writing in response to the letter from Bulbir Singh (June 24) regarding postal services. I had a few bad experiences with Pos Malaysia, too. Once, I purchased a postal order and sent it through normal mail. But, the mail never reached the recipient. When I tried to get a refund after a few months, I was charged a processing fee. I felt I wasted money with the stamps and processing fee, and in the end, I got nothing.

    In another case, I went to Italy for a business trip mailed postcards and letters to friends back home and myself. I was so furious when I found that all my Italian stamps were stolen when the mail reached my house. I have no idea who the culprit is. My mailbox is always locked.

    Those who had the chance to handle my mail will only be those from Italian and Malaysian post offices. I suppose the Italians would not be interested in their own stamps. These are just two bad experiences I had with Pos Malaysia of which I was aware; not counting the number of times mail could have been undelivered. Lost letters, receiving other people's letters with different house numbers, different road names, has been common. The returned letters will eventually end up at my house again. That's why, we give up returning the letters now.

    Chua SK